Lightning House
Silver Islet, Ontario
1:42 minute video, 2020

“Nature is a haunted house –
but Art – is a house that tries to be haunted.”
Emily Dickinson

Arise, Awash
Silver Islet, Ontario, 2021
1:11 minute video

This piece engaged all the moving elements of the environment: the wind through the curtains, the waves through the rocking chair, and the transition from night to day through the Big Dipper.

It lasted about a week. Although the various elements were tethered to the lake bottom, in the end mighty Superior proved too much for them.


Green Stream
Silver Islet, Ontario


Four Colours for a Factor
Silver Islet, Ontario
The iconic colours of the Hudson’s Bay blanket commemorate the history of a family descended from an HBC factor.

The Meaning of life
Silver Islet, Ontario
1 minute video, 2019

Lake Ladder
Silver Islet, Ontario

Lake Ladder evoked the ancient belief in the “Scala Paradisi” or “Ladder to Heaven” depicted in many medieval pictures. Its banded rungs painted in the extreme polarity of black and white, are a pattern that recurs in imagery associated with carnival and sacred clowning traditions from Europe to the Americas.

Birch Bier
Silver Islet, Ontario

Among the remains interred in Silver Islet ‘s historical cemetery are two Anishinabeg burials marked by spirit houses. This work pays tribute to the First People of this region, whose culture and traditions are so deeply connected to Gitchee Gumee: the Great Lake.

Birch Embrace
Silver Islet, Ontario

Superior Mirror Displacements
Lake Superior, Silver Islet, Ontario

Dialogic Sculpture
Existing and proposed entrance to the Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

Listening Post, states (1) and (2)
Silver Islet, Ontario
2013 – 2014

Water Loggia
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario

This floating scene, propelled across the pond by wind against the screen door, evokes early logging activity on the Sibley Peninsula. What appears to be pristine wilderness was once the site of intense human activity. Hikers who venture beyond the trails can still find remnants of the mills and camps that fueled the economy of Northern Ontario.

Things that Get Caught in Trees
Silver Islet, Ontario, 2018
See also video

This work returns to a birch tree an object made from its bark.

Device for Viewing Silver Islet, 2022
driftwood, aluminum flashing, magnifying glass, pulley

Framing device for isolating Silver Islet made from materials salvaged from the lakeshore.