The Clock Tower at 4 am, 2021
wood, paint, foam, rubber, sintra, clock mechanism, papercrete, boxing glove

The Clock Tower at 4 am (details), 2021

A Question of Balance, 2021
wood, paint, sintra,  papercrete


Against the Image all Weapons are Powerless, 2021
wood, paint, sintra, steel, papercrete

Deep State, 2021
wood, paint, polycarbonate

Box in a Box, 2021
wood, paint, sintra

Upside Downside 2021
wood, paint, sintra

Dark Star, (Weapons of Mass Distinction), 2020
trophies, paint, wood, metal, glitter

This work re-imagines a medieval weapon as a tool where markers of achievement become an arsenal aimed at the less successful. Dark Star mocks a culture of competition that glorifies individual triumph over cooperation and collaboration.


Dark Star (details), 2021

Last Retreat of the Focus Group, 2019
papercrete, wood, paint

The shoulders of giants are crowded with high-achievers.

Moving Forward, 2019
sintra, paint, mechanics

The Emerging Artist, 2019
papercrete, acrylic paint on canvas, crutch


Safari on the One Way Road to Happiness, 2019
papercrete, sintra, acrylic paint


The Blind Navigators, 2018
papercrete, steel, canvas, water

Advance of the Small-Hoofed Arguments, 2019
papercrete, mulberry paper, ink, wood, bamboo, acrylic paint

An Artist Walked Into a Bar, 2018
hydrostone, wood, sintra, acrylic paint, plexiglass

Battle for the Ownership of Silence,
hydrostone, metal, wood, acrylic paint

No Place for Emily


This piece represents Charles H. Scott, the first principal of what would eventually become Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In 1926, Scott hired Group of Seven members Frederick Varley and Jock MacDonald to teach painting. Both Varley and MacDonald implored Scott to hire Emily Carr as well, but Scott refused. The student body at the time was entirely female, and the teaching staff entirely male.

Original bust of Charles Scott by Jack Harman

Oral Harvest
rubber, steel, aluminum

Many Rivers, continually in progress
This work contains water samples collected  from the following rivers: Thompson, Fraser, Columbia, Red, Assiniboine, Mackenzie, Mississippi, Avon, Little Pic, Kamanistiquia, Similkameen,
 Los Angeles, Chicago, Arno, Rhine, Kennet, Kicking Horse





No More Play (On ne joue plus)
Games, 2020
hockey sticks, crutches, acrylic paint