Dark Star
Weapons of Mass Distinction, 2020

Last Retreat of the Focus Group
The White Series, 2019

Moving Forward
The White Series, 2019

The Emerging Artist
The White Series, 2018


March of the Multi-Taskers
The White Series, 2019


The Blind Navigators
The White Series, 2018

Advance of the Small-Hoofed Arguments
The White Series, 2018

A Cross to Bear
The White Series, 2020

A Higher Vision
The White Series, 2016

Battle for the Ownership of Silence

No Place for Emily


This piece represents Charles H. Scott, the first principal of what would eventually become Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In 1926, Scott hired Group of Seven members Frederick Varley and Jock MacDonald to teach painting. Both Varley and MacDonald implored Scott to hire Emily Carr as well, but Scott refused. The student body at the time was entirely female, and the teaching staff entirely male.

Original bust of Charles Scott by Jack Harman

Oral Harvest

Many Rivers
in progress

Thompson, Fraser, Columbia, Red, Assiniboine, Mackenzie, Mississippi, Avon, Little Pic,
Kamanistiquia, Similkameen, Los Angeles, Chicago, Arno, Rhine, Kennet, Kicking Horse



No More Play (On ne joue plus)
Hybrid Objects, 2020